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We're changing the farm, not the food

Waterwheel Farms uses aquaponics, a method of farming that uses a natural, cyclical process without the use of soil.

The system uses live fish to create nutrient-rich water which flows through the root systems of plants which in turn filters the water for the fish.

The results are happy fish, a sustainable method of farming, and fresh produce year-round. 

Why buy from Waterwheel Farms and support aquaponic farming?


The closer the farm, the fresher the food! Buying local means you'll be supporting local businesses and economies as well as helping the environment by lowering the carbon footprint that accompanies transportation. 


We believe in following sustainable practices which is why we decided on aquaponics in the first place. Aquaponics is a closed-loop cycle which requires minimal inputs, most notably 90% less water compared to traditional irrigation agriculture. And unlike hydroponics, the water we use is naturally filtered and remains in the system, eliminating the need for chemical filtration or wasteful water changes. Furthermore, any leftover leafy greens can be recycled back into the ecosystem as food for our fish.


Aquaponics uses nature's natural processes - the same processes you see in a lake or ocean. Fish provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish, thus creating a perpetual cycle. Aquaponics is a form of biomimicry; we simply swap out the aquatic plants for crops for human consumption. We cannot use pesticides or herbicides as doing so would disrupt our farm's ecosystem and cause it to fail.


Although an aquaponics urban farm is already low-impact due to its local and sustainable nature, Waterwheel Farms goes a step further. The electricity produced by our already efficient LED lights is bullfrogpowered - meaning we are supporting renewable energy projects in Canada. To learn more about Bullfrog Power, please visit their website.

Our produce is grown indoors in optimal conditions. Because it's not subject to the usual environmental factors such as droughts and pests, we're able to grow tender, healthy produce year-round.

Premium produce

Who We Serve

& Caterers

We supply restaurants and caterers with fresh leafy greens and microgreens year-round. If you're interested in providing your guests with nutrient-rich, local produce, please contact us. We'd be more than happy to discuss which greens will take your food to the next level.


Shops & Markets

If you run a shop or farmer's market and are interested in having Waterwheel Farms supply fresh, local produce, please contact us.

Vegetable Market
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