Our mission is simple; give as many people as possible access to healthy, locally and sustainably produced food year round. But as simple as that sounds, we face a lot of challenges. Our climate is changing. Our society is changing as more and more of us becoming urban dwellers. Even the economics of our food is changing. The only thing that isn't changing is our expectation that food should be healthy and taste great. So in this ever changing world, we knew the farm had to change, not our food. At Waterwheel Farms, we use the millennia old technique of water-based farming known as aquaponics and bring it indoors. With that, we are able to grow continuously year round large amounts of food in relatively small spaces and be located at or next to market, regardless of whether it's an urban neighbourhood and an isolated community in northern Canada. 

But we don't just want to grow great food... we also want to show you how to grow great food. We're rural folk, turned urban folk, turned urban farmers. And we want you to join us. Learn More